I Got Boobs for My Birthday!

“Wow! I got boobs?!” I yelled in perplexed yet fascinated amazement inside a Victoria’s Secret dressing room. I was trying to stay away from the lady inside who was trying to fit bras on me. She looked at the bra I had come into the store wearing and knew instantly it was an ‘antique’ Victoria’s Secret bra and that it was time to change it up. I was glad she was helping me. I hate going into Victoria’s Secret, but the only reason I decided to get a new bra was all the other brands I had kept getting torn. Victoria’s Secret has to be the REI of Bras because I never had it once rip on me. That lace must be quality because it’s super durable.

I visited the LUSH store again.  LUSH allowed me to photograph the items for my article. I am in love with their products because they make it fresh–so fresh, it can melt. There are solid bars of shampoo that they make–good for I think 80 washings. I bought Retread conditioner even though I don’t need it, but the scent… I need that intoxicating ‘what the hell is that’ scent. I didn’t get a cold mask this time; I still need to use up the ones I already have in the frig. LUSH is the only thing I look forward to when I want to relax. Taking a shower, a bath, or putting on cream is never the same again.

Lovely products to try at LUSH:

  • Ultrabland facial cleanser and Charity Pot lotion –if you ran out of La Mer–can leave a 40-year-old face feeling and looking dewy as it did at 26 (just don’t put the lotion on the eyes); Jason and the Argan Oil shampoo bar, Sultana of Soap bar, Let the Good Times Roll Face and Body Cleanser, The Sacred Truth mask, Pearl massage bar. I also get the bath bombs. I’m supposed to use it for bath time, but I just keep it in a nice dish out on a table, using it as a room freshener.

I met a gorgeous older woman with a full head of silvery beautiful hair shopping for clothes. She was so stunning. I can’t wait to look good as she did. I asked her how long did it take for her to achieve such beautiful silvery hair. She said it took 5-6 years. I can’t wait to have hair like Carmen Dell’Orifice.

For lunch, I baked some chicken breasts (for the perfect baked chicken breast–sprinkle your chicken with seasoning front and back and then bake at 350 degrees skin-side up for one hour and 10 minutes then put on low broil to get a nice crispy skin) and made a side of cold tomato salad with balsamic vinaigrette with a very light sprinkle of garlic powder. Delicious. I like using heirloom tomatoes or those meaty Kumato black tomatoes.

I do these indulgences occasionally because it feels good. When you feel good, it’s the best feeling and you deserve it.


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