A Most Delicious Potato Salad

When I first learned how to make potato salad, I was a teenager visiting my relatives for the summer. In the kitchen, potatoes were being cut into chunks. And I saw how simple it was to make something so declicious. This dish will surely impress.

Ingredients: thick brown dusty potatoes (6 if serving it in a family meal), eggs (or same amount of potatoes you add), mayonnaise, mustard, pitted and sliced black olives, dill pickle juice

Directions: Scrub the potatoes with water to get the dirt off. I love eating potatoes with the skin on, it seems to be more flavorful to me. You can peel the skin off or just leave it on. Afterward, put the clean potatoes in a big pot and add water enough to cover it. Put it on a soft boil for an hour. Make sure to check it to make sure the water didn’t evaporate too much. Some of the potatoes peek out of the water, just add more to cover it again. I know when the potatoes are done when I can stick a fork or knife all the way through it. When the potatoes are ready, just drain the water and cut the potatoes into chunks or you can just mash it a bit with a egg beater so it’s a bit chunky. You can do this at the same time with the eggs or about ten minutes before the potatoes are done. Just boil a bunch of eggs until they are hard boiled, then I peel it and slice it up and mix it in with the potatoes. Open the can of sliced olives, drain the liquid, and add the olives to the mixture. Add 1/2 cup or 1 cup of pickle juice. Add small portions of equal amounts of mayonnaise and mustard and mix and taste, add more until you get to a taste you love.


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