After-Death Communication? When Your Loved One Visits in Dreams


Losing a loved one is the worst pain that one can ever experience. When my father passed, I was a beyond devastated. I couldn’t eat — it didn’t feel right….Going about my normal routine being surrounded by smiles — it didn’t feel right anymore. My eyes were swollen and painful as I continuously cried in excruciating agony. I couldn’t get out of bed. I was so distraught and in horrible mental pain and anguish that I couldn’t bear it. I quickly ended up demanding antidepressants because I could feel myself going to a very dark place within me. I took the highest dose possible to numb the pain. I remember my last hug with my father. My last conversation with him. I played his voicemails over and over to hear his voice. Before he passed on, I remembered our many long conversations about radio signals and frequencies. We talked about radio transisters (physical body) and the right signals and frequencies (energy) to capture and communicate.That our bodies were vehicles and we’re just the drivers. That the physical (body) will always decay but its atoms which contain energy (soul / spirit / consciousness) — in the law of the conservation of energy — energy can’t be destroyed or created just transformed.

Energy…. I forgot about that one word as I was lost in grief. I lost hope even though my father promised before he passed that he would be the first to greet me when my time comes. For days and months, I couldn’t get any signals, signs, communication, or dreams from my Dad. Maybe he was trying to communicate but I wasn’t on the right frequency with him. I wanted to see him again so badly, but I was too lost in my grief that he was physically gone to notice anything. Maybe by being in that chaos, I was somehow sabotaging myself from being open to the peaceful frequency (channel) to receive any possible communication from him. I couldn’t focus but the focus slowly came back as soon as I was determined to seek answers (if science was sound) to find out if my dad still existed in another form.


I began looking up all I could on N.D.E. also known as Near Death Experiences — and anything having to do with the survival of consciousness (energy / spirit / soul) after physical death that I did when my love, Evan, passed. I also researched after-death communication, quantum mechanics; and quantum entanglement which posits that two particles when separated from a great distance (even billions of light-years away) would ‘know’ what the other particle is doing — Einstein referred to this as ‘spooky action at a distance’. The research of energy led me to the ancient Egyptians and their belief in the after-life which led me to the energetic properties of granite, limestone, and quartz which were used in the building of the great pyramids. The great inventor, Nikola Tesla, believed that the pyramids were transmitters of energy or a way to communicate information….To regain my strength, I watched and read a lot of accounts on NDE survivors’ experiences.


Four months after my Dad’s passing on, when my mind was able to focus and I had reached a sort of calmness where I was open to receive communication, that’s when the visitations came (just like it did with Evan). It didn’t feel like nonsensical dreams at all. It felt like my Dad was actually there with me in the dreams communicating. The very first visitation dream I had of my Dad after he passed was I found myself sitting with him in the family van of my childhood. He was driving and I sat next to him in the passenger’s side and asked him how will we talk to each other since he’s dead. He responded by saying that he would visit in dreams. In the many dreams that followed, he kept reminding me he wasn’t dead. In one dream he held me and smiled unbelievably, asking me, ‘Why are you crying? I’m not dead.‘ In another dream, he said he was very happy. He visited me a lot in my dreams. But now, I’ve noticed he only comes when I’m going through something difficult in life.

Months of practicing the tips I’ve listed below every single night….I am the only family member to receive the most visitation dreams of my father. Maybe there are some people out there who didn’t have to go through all this research and practice to get the visitations from their passed loved one (those are the truly lucky — what a special connection) like I did — but for me this works.


Tips to help communicate with your loved one or dream of them:

1.) Believe. Truly believe that you will and are going to communicate. You have to be open-minded to what you cannot physically see. What helped me was constantly researching Near Death Experience cases.

2.) Before sleeping (and going into a decreased state of consciousness), practice astral projecting or having an out-of-body experience through meditation with the sole intent that you will see your loved one that evening. Make sure you’re alone in a quiet dark place with no distracting sounds. Play some 7.83 hertz (aka ‘Earth’s heartbeat’ or ‘Earth’s Ohm’ or ‘The Holy Grail frequency’ or the ‘Golden Frequency’) in the background to wind down. You can listen to music that subtly incorporates this frequency. It’s helpful to do it two hours before you get ready for bed. When you lay down, close your eyes and relax. Continue to play the 7.83 Hz Schumann’s Resonance in the background, and try to relax and focus on ‘opening’ or astral-projecting from your ‘third-eye’ (also known as ‘the seat of the soul’ which is supposed to be slightly up between the eyebrows) whilst keeping your eyes closed. If starting out, you can try to place a quartz near you or on your ‘third-eye’ — if the latter, just make sure it won’t slide off which will cause you to break concentration. (Note: The King’s Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza to this day still emits a natural frequency in tune with ‘Earth’s heartbeat’ from its stones which among these includes quartz.)

If you’re stuck in bed from the recent grief of losing your loved one (I am so very sorry) — If you have strength in time, do a sort of life-review. Lay down and close your eyes and remember the earliest memory of your loved one (going through every single memory) all the way to your last memory of them. Remember all the happy moments. Remember their smiles. And all the while that you’re doing this ‘life-review with your life with them’, listen to their favorite songs. Remember their presence in your life as a gift. Out of the billion people on Earth, in the universe, in this space and specific time — how incredible it was for the two of you to get to meet each other and spend a life together. And when you’re ready, instead of sleeping the pain off, try to force yourself to watch movies (especially of hope). Try to eat some soup as well. Watching the movies listed below helped me. The excruciating pain you are feeling now if you just lost a loved one, I promise in time this raw pain will lessen (it will never completely go away, but it will lessen) and you will be filled with peace and love for your loved one and the good memories and the hope and assurance that you will see them again one day when it’s time. If the First Law of Thermodynamics (explanation) is to be believed, then physical death is not the end.

With this overwhelming sadness, sometimes for one it can get to be too much. If you are feeling suicidal, call 911 right away or you can call or text the Suicide and Crisis Lifeline for advice. There is hope. Hang in there. You still have a mission to complete in life. Stay.

It helps tremendously to talk and release your emotions instead of bottling it up inside. Reach out to a friend, family member, someone you can trust to open up with.


Here are the movie trailers that touch on mortality or death, grief, and loss:

  • I have to throw this in. The poignant Lagertha’s Viking funeral scene from the Vikings show starring Katheryn Winnick — A fitting send-off displaying the strength to endure and continue on….


Watching and reading through the research listed below helped me to be open to the possibility of consciousness existing after clinical death and may lead you to check out other research of your own. (I tried finding the links and linked it here. If they are not working, try internet searching using its main keywords.) But you can start with:

If you happen to be interested in out-of-body experiences or astral projection, a good book is ‘Out of Body Experiences: How to Have Them and What to Expect’ by Robert Peterson (1997). The reason I started delving into this subject is because if the soul / consciousness / spirit / energy is no longer in a physical body, maybe if I can have a safe projection whilst alive, it will hopefully at least elevate me to some higher frequency of communication with my loved one. I must say, I’ve had interesting experiences.


I hope the information above helps you as it has helped me — to give the peace and hope that physical death is not the end and that you will see your loved one again when it is time.

I forgot exactly which interview I was watching but there was one quote from an NDE survivor (who was pronounced clinically dead and then resuscitated back to life) that always stuck with me. The message the survivor brought back was:

“You are unconditionally loved. Everything is how it’s supposed to be. Everything will always be alright. Nothing can happen before [its / it’s] time.”

The great inventor Nikola Tesla once said:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”


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