Food & Cooking

Inky Squid

Not for everyone but for the ones that do enjoy this wild dish,  I grew up appreciating squid soup from my mother. Mix with steamed white rice? Ahh heaven. I would get an intoxicated feeling from the squid’s purplish ink… Read More ›

Wonton soup

Made soup using pre-made wonton dumplings. Here, I’m using chicken. But I prefer shrimp and pork wontons. More flavorful. Here is  wonton soup for one. Ingredients: a little scoop of chicken bouillion powder; fresh chopped ginger and garlic (or you… Read More ›

Arctic Razor Clam Salad

Dinner tonight consisted of Vietnamese-style Arctic razor clam salad and the evening’s drink — a shot of Hennessy Privilege. My cheeks are warm now and I’m relaxed as can be. My friends got their ingredients from 99 Ranch Market. Ingredients… Read More ›