Inky Squid

Not for everyone but for the ones that do enjoy this wild dish,  I grew up appreciating squid soup from my mother. Mix with steamed white rice? Ahh heaven. I would get an intoxicated feeling from the squid’s purplish ink after eating this dish.

The ingredients my mom uses are 1 entire box of defrosted frozen squid,  5 garlic cloves, half of a yellow onion, 1 tomato, and 1-2 teaspoons of Kikkoman soy sauce. The secret is sauteing the cloves of garlic (don’t burn it), onion, and tomato. My mother would rinse the squid in water in the kitchen sink and then clean the squid by separating body from head and removing its plastic-like quill and sac, leaving the purplish ink. She’d slice the body into thick rings and popped the stone beaks off from the head. After she’d cup the pile of squid on the cutting board and drain the excess water off, she would add the squid to the garlic, onion, and tomatoes and cover the pan, adding a small amount of soy sauce when the soup started to lightly boil from the squids own liquid. After cooking for 30 minutes it was done. Ready to be served with steaming white fluffy rice.


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