Wonton soup

Made soup using pre-made wonton dumplings. Here, I’m using chicken. But I prefer shrimp and pork wontons. More flavorful. Here is  wonton soup for one.

Ingredients: a little scoop of chicken bouillion powder; fresh chopped ginger and garlic (or you can use ginger powder and garlic powder); 3 tablespoon soysauce, 3 tablespoon rice vinegar (or if you like really sour use Chinkiang vinegar); teaspoon of sesame oil, teaspoon of red chili oil, sliced green onion, pre-made wonton dumplings.

Instructions: Boil water in a small pot and place some wontons in it and let it boil. Add chicken bouillion powder, garlic, and ginger. Stir carefully so the wonton doesn’t stick to the pot.

As you are waiting for the wonton to cook, in a separate bowl make the sauce: mix the soysauce, rice vinegar,  sesame oil, and red chili oil (I try to avoid the seeds and just use the oil).

I usually know when the wontons are ready when they all start to float after awhile. After I drain the soup halfway so that there’s little broth left, I combine it with the sauce and add sliced green onions.


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