Turning 40

Turned 40 recently and celebrated it with a nice melt-in-your-mouth buttery petite filet mignon (medium-rare of coarse) at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse with sides of creamed spinach and sweet potato casserole. Turning 40 was exciting to me. I’m happy about it. I think I’m right where I’m supposed to be. I feel free. I am happy that I’m focused with going back to writing. If I could tell my younger self, my teenage self some advice, I would say…

– that whole fairytale thing / ‘The Notebook’ thing, that’s not in your stars, doesn’t mean anything is wrong. It’s an illusion. Be happy being with you.

– the acne. It took me years to figure this out, but just go to the dermatologist not your primary care doctor and get Aquanil soapless cleanser and Benzamycin cream

– stay in school. I know you hate it but just graduate right away. It’s the toll fee to life.

– carry your own condoms and force the guy to wear it, even if it doesn’t feel good during.

– you can’t solve your parents problems, just try to learn how to be independent as much as possible. As soon as you’re in highschool, work.

– don’t slouch

– don’t smoke. It’s very very very hard to quit. Not good for your health and beauty.

– when in the sun, protect the skin. Wear sunscreen and a hat.

– don’t take rejection personally, especially in romantic relationships, you’re going to eventually get those sorries.

– don’t use too much make up.Learn to appreciate your looks because it’s unique. You don’t need to use a full on war mask.

– if your lover emotionally, physically, verbally, mentally abuses you, never ever give him a second chance.

– stay away from bad company, sort of like a cult following, they will force you to be dependent toward them. Always be aware of your surroundings and the character of people you are with and the people they associate with.

– if  you are courteous to others and focus on what you love doing, even when others are against you, just keep going. You must believe in yourself. Set up productive goals, and finish it.

– read Orison Swett Marden’s ‘Pushing to the Front’

– be nice to your family

–  your life will not be boring.

– you might want to explore starting your own business since you have a problem with authority.

– keep writing stories and keep publishing and keep your circle wide filled with good company.

– act as if you’re always being recorded, that’ll help you watch what you say…most of the time.


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