Elle Peyarre – How to have a Luxury Experience on Any Plane Trip and What Beauty Products to Bring for Traveling

My best friend recently asked me about tips on traveling. I’ve traveled so much that I would mistake another city I was in for another city. I’ve become an expert that I can fit 1-2+ months of clothes in a single backpack and tote with a crossbody purse that can easily slide under the airplane seat in front of me so I don’t have to check in any luggage. Everything is all carry-on that I can just retrieve my ticket from the machine kiosk and go to the TSA screening line. A good tip is always plan to arrive 2 hours early than your plane flight because traffic to get to the airport can suck and/or the airport lines can be long to get your ticket and/or to go through airport security. No matter where I sit Economy or First on long flights, I can make it an enjoyable luxury experience. Here’s the necessities I’ve learned to bring over the years:


Plush Eye Mask from Brookstone – I’ve nodded off on many plane trips. This mask is the best feeling. Like soft pillows for the eyes.

Neck pillow – One that can also convert into a small pillow as well when you plan to go First Class to Europe and have your own bed

Dramamine – If you’re not allergic, this helps to combat motion sickness

Travel mini-tweezer and mall nail cutter with nail file  – Just in case you have an unwanted hair or hangnail that needs to get rid of

A chic soft small throw – to keep comfy. Faux fur if possible.

2 pairs of soft earplugs – to nap soundly without hearing the show-off passenger who loves to blast their music loudly through their earphones, the chatty kathies, the crying babies, or the snoring passengers

Hand sanitizer – I find these useful for the occasional zit and entering the dreaded germ-infested airplane bathroom.

Dental floss, small travel mints and travel toothbrush and toothpaste – for a sweet breath

extras: Fresh pair of socks, 1 pen, 1 small writing notebook, non-latex band-aid; a battery charger like Mophie to charge your phone and laptop in the air;  eyedrops; 1 underwear, 1 pants/sweats on carry-on; for the ladies: emergency pads and tampons (because you never know); if you’re not allergic: antacids, sleeping pills, migraine pills, Benadryl cream for the occasional insect bite (yes, it can happen on the plane); books on subjects you’re really interested in, Q-tips and cotton pads, travel size bath wash/shower gel. Note any liquids, creams, or paste you bring, put it in a secure Ziploc plastic bag. I felt bad for the man who had his cologne leak all over his luggage after we landed and he opened the bin to retrieve his suitcase. Did he forget or maybe the cap got loose after security inspection?

Beauty Products to Bring on Travel

Lip balm – to keep lips soft and moisturized

Eyebrow pencil – applied right, you would need less make up

Eyeliner and sharpener – to use when you land

Essence (Missha Essence or SK-II or whatever serum you use) in a TSA-approved travel bottle – to pat on your face to before you put on moisturizer and to refresh before the plane lands

Make-up remover in travel size bottle – no raccoon-eyes

Hydrating sheet mask – use this before you go to bed. No need to wash off just pat left-over serum from mask on your neck, chest, and back of hands.

Face and hand lotion (travel-size) – Cabin air is really dry so having a small amount of La Mer on the face and an unscented hand lotion helps.

Cream blush for lips and cheeks – to add color

Wipes for face an body – always feel refreshed especially in the morning.

Bon Voyage wherever you go!


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